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About (v2)

The primary purpose of this site is to function as a repository of documents I've collected that deal with various aspects of world fisheries. In the original version of this site that I worked on in 2003-2004 I was collecting articles on virtually every aspect of fisheries management, ecological concerns, aquaculture, etc. This rapidly became unmanageable. :) So, after a couple years of doing other things, I've revised the site to deal only with the issues that most interest me - Marine Protected Areas, Individual Transferrable Quotas (and other so-called "property rights" approaches to fisheries management), Coral Reefs, and the state of the Cod fisheries of the North Atlantic.

Each article in the site has a title, publication date, source, and precis. To guarantee access, and for ease of printing, a copy of each article in PDF format is stored on the fisherieswatch website. Note that some documents were not originally made available in PDF - in those cases, I have created PDFs by merging the source HTML files. As well, in those cases where a document was originally available as multiple PDFs, I have combined the PDFs into one document.

About me

I built this site to scratch an itch. Specifically, I wanted to understand more about fisheries-related issues, and I found that I needed a place to store and organize the information I was collecting. Hence, this site.

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Bill Hutten