Bill Hutten
170 St. Catherine's River Rd.
Port Joli, NS B0T 1S0
Software development, database/web integration, technology consulting, network design & configuration, Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Javascript, PHP, AJAX, SQL, C, Java, 4th Dimension (4D)
Below are a few of the projects that I've recently worked on:
DVMAX Research 3.0
Electronic animal care record management for research institutions. This is a large pure-JavaScript web application using the ExtJS Javascript framework. Communication with the 4th Dimension backend is via Ext.Direct, using JSON as a wire format.

Newspaper website implemented in PHP & MySQL. Includes an ExtJS & PHP backend for editing content, import of content from XML files, etc.

Cash Register
Cash register app implemented in ExtJS & PHP. Includes PDF report generation, setup customization & support for multiple locations.

A group of five related websites with 100% user-editable content. All page content is stored in MySQL, delivered via PHP. A custom admin interface - also written in PHP - allows for easy editing in the browser.

Veterinary practice management application. Mac & Windows, single-user and client/server. Integration with laboratory web services, blood analyzers. Written in the 4th Dimension 4GL environment.

Integrate, S3Lib, JSONLib, AppBuilder
Various projects and libraries created as part of the development of other applications. Integrate is a combined Java/PHP application that uses SOAP to extract data from a defect tracking system and provide various additional capabilities. S3Lib is a 4D component and associated C plugin to handle communication with the Amazon S3 service. The C plugin does HMAC/SHA1 encryption as required by S3 authentication. JSONLib is a 4D component to generate and parse JSON-formatted data. AppBuilder is a utility for quickly generating ExtJS interfaces to database backends, based on introspection of the database schema. Technologies: JavaScript, JSON, PHP, C, SQL, 4D

Employment History

1993 - present: Consultant
November 2001 - present: Senior Developer, Pelican Engineering
July 1995 - October 2001: Developer, Cochran Interactive
Sept 1987 - June 1993: Developer, Technical Support, Atlantis Microcomputer